Posted by: vhessa | August 9, 2007

Goodbye, WordPress.

Hello there! I decided to move my blog back to blogger . Go here to visit it . I have also handpicked some of my favorite posts and moved it there.

I do not know if I will maintain this blog anymore. It’s because I find wordpress (I still love it, ok?) not that flexible and compatible with other applications that include html codes. I cannot put tagboard and the amount of photos are very limited. I can’t also save a different layout, aside from the themes they have. There are also few other disadvantages of wordpress, especially if you have the free version (not upgraded). I cannot put haloscan, adsense (or any other ads) and more. There is no freedom in handling codes because they said that it’s for security reasons.

So that’s my main reason why I’m moving back to blogger. As far as I can remember, I moved to wordpress because there’s too much codes to handle in blogger (not the beta version). I can’t believe that too many restrictions from wordpress could actually make me run back to blogger with open arms!

So anyway, I hope that you’ll support me. And kindly change the link, ok?

Thanks a lot!



  1. Buh-bye!

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