Posted by: vhessa | July 14, 2007

Crying Makes The World Wanna Beat You Up

Yesterday, we had our Assessment of Student Learning 1 subject. The lesson was going smoothly until we had our activity. My professor asked us to get our Skills Development notebook and answer the activity when suddenly, my classmate cried.

I thought that she was crying because of her boyfriend or something. Honestly, I have no clue on what was going on or why she cried. She was covering her face to hide her tears. I pitied her. So I asked my seatmate. My seatmate told that she’s crying because she didn’t bring her skills development notebook. I was like, WTF man?

She cried with a simple reason just like that?! I know that our prof clearly warned us that if we didn’t bring our skills development notebook, there won’t be any activities for us. And I do understand that your grade will automatically become zero if you don’t have an activity. But hello? You don’t have to cry for such simple reason. It’s not like it’s a major exam or something! For crying out loud, it’s just an activity. I know, I sound so mean. But who wouldn’t? My classmates who also forgotten to bring their s.d. (skill development) notebook rolled their eyes. They are not crying or making a big deal out of it. It’s because they know that it’s their fault for not bringing it when our prof had reminded us a couple of times to always bring it.

What if she’s already a teacher (btw, our major is computer education)? And what if she didn’t bring her lesson plan because she already mastered the lesson, and thought that she doesn’t need it anymore? Then suddenly, the principal had a surprise inspection to every class in the school. When the principal asked where is her lesson plan, what’s she gonna do? CRY?

What gets me the most was when she approached our prof to make an excuse for her. It’s really annoying, if you know what I mean. There are like seven of my classmates who also forgot to bring their s.d. notebook because they thought that we are not going to use it. And she had the nerve to approach our prof in front of us and say that? She told our prof that she was sick and that’s the reason that she didn’t bring her s.d. notebook. Hello? If she was really sick, why’d she have to attend our class? She actually attended all of our classes from 11 am to 7 pm. And considering that our Assessment of Student Learning 1 was our last class (6pm-7pm), it’s either she’s too stupid to realize that she’s sick and needs rest or she’s just making an excuse.

My prof was really feeling sorry for her because she was crying. But their were protest on the faces of my classmates. It’s really unfair if she would be excuse, right? Our prof then asked her questions, and she slipped her tongue and said that she thought that were not going to use it. To be fair, my prof explained to her that being sick is not an excuse, especially if the reason you didn’t bring your s.d. notebook was because you thought that your not going to use it. And our prof also told her that if she’s going to be excuse, then everyone else should also be excuse, because they all have the same reason. But if everyone will be excuse, then there will be no discipline imposed. They should all learn their lessons. Fair enough. So she returned to her seat, still crying.

I was really irritated by her. I mean, I don’t hate her because she cried. Everyone of us have the right to cry. Only that she cried for the wrong reason, and that got me and my classmates pissed off.

I admit that I cried a couple of times when I was in elementary and high school. Begging my teachers to let me take the exam. I know how it feels to be left out and watch while your other classmates were doing an activity. But that was high school. We are now in college. And in college you should take responsibilities for your own actions. You don’t cry because you forgot to bring your notebook, or book or any thing that you have to bring but didn’t. You tell yourself that you promise to bring it next time. That’s what adults do. Crying over something that was a result of either stupidity or forgetfulness won’t help. Instead, everybody will just think that you’re a prima donna or a diva.

Don’t get me wrong. I wanted to sympathize with her and lift her spirits. But how am I gonna do that if I’m answering and talking at the same time? And then I’m gonna show her my s.d. notebook and my answers and say, don’t worry, you could copy if you want…. But that won’t help, will it? :p hehehe…



  1. yes….you right, she is so iyakin hehehe!!!! I noticed din kaya because were seating at the back, and na gulat din ako dun ha? hehehe,,,prehas tayo ng iniisip, akala ko din kasi my problema sa lovelife hehehe yun pla dahil lang sa s.d notebook!!!! 15 points lang yun noh? makakabawi pa sya!!!!

  2. I enjoyed reading this- I can understand your frustration, that’s pretty childish to cry over something so trivial. Imagine how she must handle REAL bad news.

  3. What to do! some girls r like that! Have a nice day!

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